Urban icons, a photographic encounter by Alain Doré

Urban icons, a photographic encounter by Alain Doré

PARIS , August 17th, 2016

In celebration of World Photography Day, Alain Doré highlights calligraphy, illustration, color and atmosphere in the cities as inspirational design ingredients. 

In this gallery, you will see photography with the following subjects: 

- Architectural Rendezvous
- Color Moments
- City Icons
- Urban Calligraphy

"With these pictures I try to capture expressions of emotions. A glimpse on spontaneous and ephemeral signs of life, human footprints in drawing or writing, a movement within urban architectural lines,” says Alain Doré.
Photography is an imprint of a certain moment in time, a unique and personal vision of light, colors and shapes that communicate an emotion. Encounters with light, scenes of life, random combinations of architecture and urban signs. 
"This is my way to ‘feel’ a city and its culture,” says Alain Doré.

Photography is being there. Testimony of a living world, reality opposed to virtual. Visit Alain's entire gallery here: Brandimage Gallery Presents Urban Icons 

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