THE NEW LUXURY CODES 4 ways venerable brands are reinventing their allure

THE NEW LUXURY CODES 4 ways venerable brands are reinventing their allure

Paris , February 29th, 2016

More so than ever, consumers are interested in the craftsmanship and history of luxury brands over the products themselves. Delphine Dauge, Agency Director of Brandimage Paris, shares insights on branding strategies, with learnings from luxury brands that are true champions of creativity in the service of imagination.

Quality Products. Savoir-faire and beauty of deep craftsmanship are key to the brand message. 

Macallan released a 64-year old single-malt scotch whisky to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rene Lalique’s birth. The beautifully designed decanter was then auctioned for $460,000, and the proceeds went to a charity to provide safe drinking water in developing countries. 

This particular opportunity brought together the highest art of the distiller and the crystal maker, which is the type of emphasis on high quality products consumers expect from top luxury brands. 

CASE STUDY: The Macallan 1824 Master Series: A Distinguished Design for an Iconic Brand 

Smart Storytelling. Successful luxury brands use smart storytelling while staying true to their roots and by sharing their legend to inspire and forge emotional bonds with their customers. 

For example, Dom Perignon has been mastering and refining its techniques for centuries, honoring its heritage and quality by preserving the Abbey where Dom Perignon originally practiced his craft. 

Memorable Experiences. Nowadays, experiences matter just as much as objects. “To be a luxury brand in the true sense of the phrase, it’s not enough to create high-quality products – it’s about creating an aura,” says Delphine Dauge. 

Pop-ups and social media are among the popular techniques brands can take in order to create hype around their products. To maximize the experience of its consumers, Chanel created a digital concept store where customers can try on couture pieces, take photos of the outfits, and upload them to social media before paying for them. This combines both the traditional retail space, along with social networking to create a unique shopping experience. 

Responsible Living. Luxury brands are taking advantage of sustainable labor and environmental practices over inexpensive fashion brands. With a guilt-free approach, customers can validate their premium price purchases by supporting a good cause. 

Following the “don’t throw it out” ethic, Hermes created a line from material discarded in the process of crafting its goods. By giving back to the world and emphasizing on responsible living, luxury brands are not only making beautiful things, but also are instilling hope for a beautiful future. 

Branding of luxury goods is at its best when it looks beyond the surface of wealth and opulence,” says Delphine Dauge.

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