How to unlock the design codes that reveal craft and luxury

How to unlock the design codes that reveal craft and luxury

CHICAGO , October 12th, 2016

With the premium bourbon drinker – especially the “Millennial Bourbonite” – heritage, authenticity, and storytelling is key. Connoisseur or aspiring expert, buyers of fine liquor want to connect with the stories behind the brand.

But with the bourbon market in particular becoming increasingly competitive, how do you create prestige for a new brand in a category that honors craft and tradition?

In the next BrandSquare webinar, presented by SGK, join our Don Childs as he takes us on an intoxicating journey into the world of craft bourbon – exploring the design codes and stories that are introducing new brands and young consumers to an age-old heritage of quality.

Be sure to register and tune in, Thursday October 20, 2016 at 1-1:30PM ET.

Register now for Don Child’s BrandSquare webinar: A Taste of Bourbon Branding: Telling Authentic Stories with Design

About Don Childs: Don Childs, chief creative officer of Brandimage North America, has over 25 years of experience creating award-winning, category-changing designs for companies such as P&G, KraftHeinz, 3M, Brown-Forman and Schwinn. Earning nearly 200 awards for design, including two gold CLIOs, Don believes design doesn’t just create value, but shapes culture and impacts lives. The Brandimage team helps companies in the areas of brand creation, brand revitalization and brand extension, resulting in branding and design programs that drive brand performance. 

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