Is your brand meaningful? Ask yourself these 5 questions

Is your brand meaningful? Ask yourself these 5 questions

Chicago , March 13th, 2014

As people, we intuitively look for meaning in everything we come into contact with. Understanding meaning and reflecting it back into the world defines who we are as individuals…our behaviors, feelings and our perception of the world around us. To determine if your brand is meaningful, start by asking yourself these five questions: 1. DOES YOUR BRAND HAVE A CLEARLY DEFINED PURPOSE? What is your purpose? Meaning starts by understanding the importance of simplifying complex concepts into a single, organizing consumer-focused idea. 2. CAN YOU CLEARLY ARTICULATE THE ENDURING NATURE OF YOUR BRAND'S CHARACTER, CORE BRAND VALUES AND BEHAVIORS? What the brand believes, looks like, acts like, and how it fights and who it befriends are all essential components of a brand’s character. Can you name the most important characteristics of your brand? Would your consumers describe it the same way? 3. IS YOUR BRAND ACTING CONSISTENTLY AND AUTHENTICALLY IN TELLING ITS STORY? Are your stakeholders aligned and following a cohesive strategy in bringing that story to life? 4. DOES YOUR AUDIENCE INTUITIVELY UNDERSTAND, TRUST AND CARE ABOUT YOUR BRAND STORY? Could they recall it and describe it unaided? Do they root for your brand and want it to succeed in the marketplace? 5. IS EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR BRAND INTUITIVELY DELIVERING MEANINGFULLY ALIGNED BENEFITS? Does everything add up to support the single-minded brand purpose and promise? Don’t forget that a meaningful brand is more than a product. Meaningful brands leverage emotional and cultural cues to express what they stand for and how they want to be perceived by others.

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