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For Lissac, Brandimage creates a store concept synonymous with expertise

For Lissac, Brandimage creates a store concept synonymous with expertise

Paris , November 26th, 2014

Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, announced today the opening of the first Lissac Optician store in Paris (rue de Vaugirard 328) with new retail concept created by Brandimage. Since 1919, the specialist brand of the Gadol Optic Group, Lissac, has confirmed its expert status, providing customers with the latest developments in ophthalmic technology. Brandimage designed a store concept that epitomizes the brand’s historic precision and rigor: the perfect expression of Lissac’s personality. This expert store is explicit yet also inviting, illustrating the values and positioning of a brand driven by the passion for innovation. A CELEBRATION OF EXPERTISE Brandimage imagined an elegant, value-creating concept through a high-end approach to the brand’s stylistic and architectural expression. The overall challenge was to create consistency and balance between the store’s layout, the brand image and the products on display. Brandimage created consultation islands, positioning the Optician – Customer relationship at the very heart of the store and the products around the edges. The offer is easier to distinguish, more different and more singular in line with the brand’s technological expertise. THE "SPECIALIST" ASPECT IS STAGED USING POWERFUL STYLISTIC ELEMENTS Grey and red in the color palette act as the markers of excellence and precision. The image landscape on the surrounding product shelves illustrates and reiterates the brand’s expert message, the field of specialization and the value added to the customer experience. Important focus points and product close-ups spotlight details and finishes on the tools essential to the brand’s know-how. The combination of strong brand messages and high-impact in-store communication highlights the brand’s pledge to quality and expertise. FURNITURE: CUSTOM-MADE AND DETAILED Brandimage designed a furniture structure that is flexible and modular, integrating a range of sustainable materials and further promoting the brand’s personality. Relaying Lissac’s expertise, the furniture ensures the store is a reactive space, adaptable to seasons, trends and special offers through its modular and future-proof design. Devised and manufactured as autonomous structures, the furniture elements offer each optician the possibility of designing his own space to suit his requirements and desires. This custom-made approach is also evident in the creation of a large accessory panel that can be integrated into each presentation display. THE WORKSHOP: SHEDDING LIGHT ON EXPERTISE To intensify the customer experience and reaffirm the optical specialist message, Brandimage has given the workshop prime position through staging and transparency. The technical workshop is open, celebrating the professionals. Their talents and expertise are visibly accessible to customers. LISSAC: THE PLEASURE OF INNOVATING SINCE 1919 The brand’s near one-hundred year commitment to optical expertise is endorsed by the creation of the baseline: “Lissac. Innovating since 1919″. This baseline is a genuine endorsement. It is a distinctive sign of the Specialist approach and marks both the brand’s furniture and message. More about our work for Lissac ABOUT LISSAC A pioneer optician, the Lissac brand was born in 1919 at the instigation of Georges Lissac, visionary and co-founder of Essilor. With a network of 210 points of sale, Lissac is present throughout France. Its store on Paris’ Rue de Rivoli is one of the largest in Europe. ABOUT BRANDIMAGE – DESGRIPPES & LAGA Brandimage is a global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers. Brandimage creates brands that drive brand performance. Brandimage is part of the brand development group of SGK. SGK is part of Matthews International Corporation (NASDAQ GSM: MATW). PRESS CONTACTS Annette Klek +33 1 44 18 45 15 Jennifer Adams +1 513 703 7085

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