Behind the Design of Narcissique

Behind the Design of Narcissique

Paris , March 26th, 2014

NARCISSIQUE PRESENTS A NEW GESTURE TO REVIVE THE ART OF APPLYING SCENT. Faithful to our ‘Emotional Branding’ approach Brandimage creates design that expresses the culture, personality and singularity of brands, a design that creates meaningful brand experiences and strong emotional bonds with customers. “What if the act of applying perfume was completely turned on its head? What if it became a game of chance? These are the questions that guided our design strategy for Bang Bang,” said Alain Doré, Executive Creative Director at Brandimage’s Paris office. WHAT IF WE INVENTED A NEW GESTURE TO REVIVE THE ART OF APPLYING SCENT? With the press of a button, Narcissique dispenses fragrance by adding a sensual feather caress into the application process. It’s a light, super-luxury way to tickle the senses and invoke your inner goddess. OBJECTIVE: Reinvent the codes of intriguing perfumery Inspiration: 18th century French art of living, full of pomp and pride, amorous intrigues, the cult of appearances, an ode to extreme femininity and to finery. We know that the muses of kings and the powerful, from Diane de Poitiers to Madame de Maintenon or Madame La Pompadour, used seduction to thwart or influence the course of history. These women were the often avant-garde standard bearers of fashion, of seduction but always with refined and intense femininity. Today, amorous intrigues have in no way disappeared; they have just been transferred to other forces. Eternal femininity, dandyism and extravagant codes of seduction remain an endless myth in the world of fashion and contemporary spokesmodels. Trend: the cult of self, Egocentrism and hedonism Target: the intriguing women of our era, all of today’s dandies who are fascinated by the Enlightenment. IDEA: “Narcissique”, perfume is a life comedy! RESULT: a mini powder perfume vaporizer that is dispensed on a feather, and it is the caress of the feather that applies scent to the necks and napes of beautiful men and women! An unusual object and a new way to apply scent: a perfume feather. Using the symbolism of the feather: ceremony, seduction, and majesty, and its caressing texture to create a new gesture to apply perfume. A grand and majestic gesture, one that is elegant and refined, focused on oneself, hence the name “Narcissique”. Changing the texture of perfume from liquid to powder, to revive the practice of scented powders, to invoke beauty rituals and the art of seduction. Inspired by the opulence of 18th century French art of living, this refined object creates a new ritual: perfume is applied with a majestic gesture and the caress of a feather NARCISSIQUE PRESENTS A NEW GESTURE TO REVIVE THE ART OF APPLYING SCENT. Have we fully tapped into the seductive potential of perfumery and its package design? In a creative exercise aimed to positively disrupt the accepted codes of scent application, Brandimage’s Paris office designed Narcissique, a super-luxury way to tickle the senses and apply perfume through a feather caress. Narcissique is one of the concepts that had been presented at the Brandimage Fuse event Decoding the Design of Motivation. Narcissique Video Clip See our work for Bang Bang

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