Behind the design of Bang Bang

Behind the design of Bang Bang

Paris , March 26th, 2014

BANG BANG PERFUME FUN LEAVES YOUR BREATHLESS FOR MORE Faithful to our ‘Emotional Branding’ approach Brandimage creates design that expresses the culture, personality and singularity of brands, a design that creates meaningful brand experiences and strong emotional bonds with customers. “What if the act of applying perfume was completely turned on its head? What if it became a game of chance? These are the questions that guided our design strategy for Bang Bang,” said Alain Doré, Executive Creative Director at Brandimage’s Paris office. WHAT IF PUTTING ON PERFUME WAS A GAME OF CHANCE? There are certain perfumes that demand attention. Bang Bang’s design offers a fragrant take on the gritty game of Russian roulette, where each scent shot will leave you breathless for more. OBJECTIVE: play off of the ambiguity of dangerously attractive Inspiration: play off of the ambivalence of a world that has never felt more “insecure” (political, financial and social crises, an uncertain future) and “over-secure” (military armament, food safety, over medicalization.) A world of phobias that leaves room to play on this ambiguity and which has a place for new products that thwart the codes of fear and addiction. Trend: repurposing, dangerous objects that become tools of seduction, games of chance and luck or misfortune, fun and humor. Target: young urban hipsters that love mockery, but humor is not a question of age or gender, it is an object aimed at all those who want to have fun! IDEA: The perfume gun for a divine shot / Life is a game of chance, take your turn to get shot! RESULT: a beautiful crystal gun to slip into your bag with glass bullets and refills, an object of provocation and of dissuasion to gently reply to an attack… of the amorous kind. A new, disruptive gesture to apply perfume with an object of chance and sensorial provocation: a perfume gun with a loaded barrel of different perfume cartridges, you spin the barrel and shoot to discover the day’s perfume. Playing off of the ambivalence of dangerously attractive, this elegant glass gun seduces with humor. Putting on perfume becomes a game of Russian roulette. BANG BANG PERFRUME GUN LEAVES YOU BREATHLESS FOR MORE. There are certain perfumes that demand attention. Bang Bang, designed by Brandimage’s Paris office, offers a fragrant take on the gritty game of Russian roulette, where each scent shot delivers a burst of intrigue. Bang Bang is one of the concepts that had been presented at the Brandimage Fuse event DECODING THE DESIGN OF MOTIVATION BANG BANG VIDEO CLIP SEE ALSO BEHIND THE DESIGN OF NARCISSIQUE

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