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Beauty Amidst The Bustle: Brandimage Wins Janus du Commerce Prize For Air France Lounge

Beauty Amidst The Bustle: Brandimage Wins Janus du Commerce Prize For Air France Lounge

Paris , January 28th, 2014

<p>Earlier this week our Paris office received the prestigious <a href="" target="_blank">JANUS DU COMMERCE</a> label for the creation of <a href="/node/27">AIR FRANCE’S NEW LOUNGE IN PARIS-CHARLES DE GAULLE’S TERMINAL 2 HALL M</a>, the largest in the Air France network.</p>

<p>The new lounge, developed by Brandimage in partnership with Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, offers a true break from the airportbustling environment with its park-themed elements and contemporary take on the language of plants.</p>

<p>“<em>We imagined this lounge as a harmonious stroll that offers a fluid layout for the different areas and services. It is the prelude to a serene trip</em>,” says Alain Doré, Executive Creative Director at our Paris office.</p>

<p>With an area of more than 3,000 m2, the lounge is the result of an innovative vision adapted to travelers’ well-being. The space is structured organically, by the flow of movement: taut lines and curves accompany the eye and preserve intimacy without closing off the space.</p>

<p>The Janus du Commerce judges recognized the thoughtful division of the space into small islands, each dedicated to diverse experiences of well-being and relaxation, such as dining and multimedia, creating a unique rhythm within each island.</p>

<p>Since its opening in June 2012 Air France collected enthusiastic reactions from its clients with the best-ever satisfaction level recorded by the company. Receiving the Janus du Commerce, which promotes the very best in design, confirms this success and we couldn’t be more thrilled!</p>

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