The new Refashion brand, the eco-organization of the textile industry


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The new Refashion brand, the eco-organization of the textile industry

Paris, September 24th, 2020

Paris, September 24, 2020 — Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, announced the creation of the new RefashionTM brand.

With RefashionTM, the textile industry accelerates the transition to a 100% circular model and organizes fashion that redesigns, repairs, reuses and recycles.
Building on ten years of experience, Eco TLC, the eco-organization of the textile industry, takes a new dimension by becoming RefashionTM. Much more than a change of identity, RefashionTM marks a major turning point for the eco-organization which aims to accelerate the transition to a 100% circular industry while maintaining its fundamental mission: the prevention, reduction and treatment of waste from textile clothing products, household linen and shoes.

Brandimage is supporting Eco TLC's new strategy by redefining the brand platform and architecture, designing a new Refashion identity and visual territory, developing the #RRR digital activation campaign that will be broadcast on the website and all social networks, and creating a reveal video that presents the new identity and its manifesto.

A unique reference
To accompany this new ambition and send a strong signal, Brandimage has created a new brand: RefashionTM. The new brand name is based in the origins (fashion) to build a powerful voice. RefashionTM becomes the unique reference and a shared landmark for professionals (brands, public authorities, operators) and citizens alike. In a responsive brand logic, the identity is accompanied by an avatar that can be used on social networks and boldly displayed on certain media such as voluntary contribution points.                                                                                                                
Finally, the brand architecture has been realigned, through the overhaul of a simplified brand ecosystem that is easier to understand and more coherent overall.

Brand signatures encourage collective commitment
The brand signatures, "For a 100% circular industry" (B2B) "For a fashion that repairs, reuses, recycles" (B2C), accompany the new logo, translating and supporting the ambition while soliciting the commitment of the public.

Collective, committed, resilient: RefashionTM is a contributory brand
The use of the prefix "Re" reflects the resilience of the materials, but also the learning approach that drives the eco-organization and opens upon a global posture that invites all players in the textile industry, brands, operators, public authorities, citizens to repair, reuse, recycle, reduce, rethink, reconsider, the entire life cycle of the product, from manufacturer to consumer and recycler. A call to co-construct and guide action towards better environmental, economic and social performance.

Black & white, the choice of bold colors
The identity colors chosen by Brandimage. Symbolic colors in the world of fashion. Colors that unite and express commitment. Colors that carry within them a triple performance challenge: visual performance (very high recognition and attribution power), environmental performance (limiting the impact of inks), and economic performance. A secondary color palette adds rhythm and nuance to certain media.

A modernized brand style
In order to keep a strong anchoring in the category, so as to be audible to brands - therefore desirable and differentiated, the agency created a clean, graphic but vibrant photographic style. Light is always an essential ingredient of the style.
The black underscore in the new logo creates a link and a visual landmark.

#RRR; the creation of a national activation campaign for the general public
To accompany the launch of the new RefashionTM identity, Brandimage developed the activation kit for the #RRR, Repair, Reuse, Recycle digital campaign for the general public, which will be launched on September 25th.
In the spirit of the new RefashionTM identity and stylistic territory, the agency has designed a campaign that aims to encourage the general public to adopt the reflex of the second life of products in a virtuous and accessible approach.

Agility and modularity
The campaign was designed to be flexible and modular so that the fashion brands can adopt it and distribute it widely. In particular, by allowing them to choose between the general campaign with the proposed visuals or the customizable version where each brand can write its own editorial line.
A campaign that has been prepared to be seen from September 25th on all social networks in post and in motion on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube.


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