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Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall


The new high-end Beaugrenelle shopping mall in Paris is a 50,000m² urban retail complex with one hundred stores organized in three sections: B-Panoramic, B-Magnetic and B-City.

Brandimage imagined the underlying “red line” concept to reveal the personality of this new mall dedicated to fashion and home decor, a genuinely Parisian environment home to many brands, a space for living and shopping, a meeting place and a center for services. Beaugrenelle is a reflection of a concept of fashion, a lifestyle.



Rather than searching for an architectural stance within the DNA of the building, Brandimage focused on highlighting the fluidity and the light present throughout the galleries, depicting a new retail relationship. The agency concentrated on valorizing store presence, spotlighting services, inviting visitors to relax, enjoy new experiences and develop interactivity through touch-screen furnishings.


Brandimage developed the concept across the visual and graphic style, the furniture vocabulary and signage, instilling in Beaugrenelle a more intimate and customized relationship with its customers.

The furniture designed as a twist, modular and customizable, always integrates two functions: areas to rest and connect, areas to relax and find information. The signage, in resin, two-layer glass and lacquered metal, revisits the twist idea with its icons and pictograms. Information is harmoniously incorporated in the poetic register of the underlying concept.

As a continuation of the brand story, Brandimage developed a sensory experience for Beaugrenelle with a sound identity and a fragrance created in the image of the shopping mall.

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